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New Amex Offers: Save at Omni Hotels, Best Buy, BP and...

There are some new offer from Chase and Amex that can save you money on stays at Omni Hotels, 10% at Best Buy, $10 off on gas and $5 off at Sam's Club.

$8.99 Amazon Echo Dot Deal Still Alive & How To Turn...

The Amazon Echo Dot deal is still alive and kicking. You should take advantage even if you don't want one of these because you can turn it into profit.

128GB Apple iPad for $299.99 or $274.99 with Amex Offer!

There is a great Apple iPad sale that has the 128GB version for it's lowest price ever. With proper stacking you can get it for as low as $274.99.

Amex Offers for Sam’s Club and Best Buy

American Express has a new offer that can save you 50% on online purchases at Sam's Club. They have also extended a popular Best Buy offer to more people who weren't previously targeted.

Black Friday in July, Gift Card Sale at Best Buy Stores

As part of their Black Friday in July sale, Best Buy has several gift card discounts in stores. They already had some early access sales online, which we posted yesterday.

Discounted Gift Card Blowout! BJ’s & Best Buy Offering up...

BJ's and Best Buy have several gift card deals available that could get you great discounts or even turn a profit if you're into gift card reselling.

More Prime Day Deals That You Won’t Find at Amazon

Many Amazon rivals are also running their own versions of Prime Day and advertising the fact that you do not need a membership to shop on their websites.

The Amex Offers Roundup You Don’t Wanna Miss – Close to...

American Express has released some great new offers in the last few days. Save at Newegg, Staples, Best Buy and more.



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