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Update on $500 Mastercard Gift Cards at Officemax

$500 Mastercard Gift Cards Officemax The other day I reported that Officemax has started carrying variable load Visa & Mastercard gift cards. Since this past...

Switching REDbird to Serve: The Full Process, Unique Serve Features &...

American Express Target REDcard
A detailed walkthrough of switching from REDbird to Serve along with some details of Serve's unique benefits, should you use the same email or a new one and other useful information.

REDBird Postmortem – Alternate Liquidation Methods, Closing REDbird, Serve or Bluebird,...

REDbird may have stopped allowing debit & gift card loads. Find out alternative liquidation methods, how to switch from REDbird to Serve or Bluebird, the loading process at Walmart and a lot of other useful information to help you forge a path forward.

Is REDbird DEAD?!? I Think So & Here Is Why

After about 24 hours of REDbird debit card loads not working, I truly believe this method of manufactured spending is mostly dead. Here is why.

Staples Is Selling $300 Visas Online & Why It Is A...

A detailed look at the new Staples $300 Visa gift cards including an analysis of why this is both a good deal and a bad one depending on your perspective.

Meet Walmart’s New MoneyCenter Kiosk (KATE) – The News Isn’t Good...

Walmart is slowly replacing their old MoneyCenter Express kiosks with a new more limited version of the machine. This new machine is limited, but can it perform Bluebird or Serve reloads?

Are Visa Gift Cards No Longer Working at Walmart to Load...

Several reports have come in saying people are receiving errors when trying to load Visa gift cards to Bluebird or Serve at Walmart. Please share your experiences.

Parking Money in Bluebird, Personal Expenses on a Business Card &...

miles and points acronyms
Answers to more readers questions including: parking money in Bluebird, using a business credit card for personal expenses & funding a bank account with a credit card.



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