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Trip Report: Two Days In St. John’s Newfoundland, Extreme Natural Beauty...

This summer I had the chance to spend two days in St. John's Newfoundland and I wanted to share what we did and what I look forward to on my next trip.

Awesome Edmonton: Thrills, Beauty & Delicious Food

Spending a quick weekend in Edmonton, we packed in a lot and found some amazing and beautiful surprises.

Spirit Airlines Great, Air Canada TERRIBLE & What That Means Going...

My recent trip included flights on both Spirit Airlines and Air Canada. Despite its reputation, Spirit was amazing and Air Canada provided one of the worst experiences I have had with an airline.

Cruising Out Of Vancouver – How To Get To Either Canada...

This is a complete guide about how to reach either the Canada Place or Ballantyne cruise terminals for embarkation in Vancouver including public transport options!

To Summarize So Far!

That is a basic summary of our time across the United States. As I write this, I have had a little time to rest and reflect on the past few months. While I honestly wouldn’t do anything differently, we pushed ourselves quite hard and are a bit worn out. Jasmine and I really considered this part of the trip to be more of a sightseeing adventure, as opposed to the rest which will hopefully be more of a cultural experience.

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye!

To be honest, I don't have much to report here and thus the only picture I can provide is the beautfiul rose above. We woke up Thursday morning and bid farewell to my cousin. He truly made us feel at home. It was wonderful, considering that we have been away from home for a little while. After leaving his house we got on the road for our five hour drive down to Portland. In reality, we stayed Thursday night in Vancouver, WA which sits right across the border from Portland.

Reconnecting With Family North of the Border

This morning we braved the Seattle traffic on our way up north back into Canada. Since I am aware that not everyone is up to date with Canadian geography, we are going to Vancouver, British Columbia which sits on the Pacific Ocean, about thirty miles north of the border with Washington. The cities we visited in Canada earlier in our trip, sat on Canada's eastern coast. With that free geography lesson out of the way, let's get on with the show.

Two More Days Of Nature’s Best!

There I was, at a spot I had longed dreamed about. As the roar of the powerful falls rang so loud in my ears, I looked down at my little boy and asked, “Do you like Niagara Falls?” Much to my surprise, he said very nonchalantly, “No”. After a little investigating, I found out the he liked them, but he was much more impressed with the vast array of unfortunate man made tourist traps surrounding the falls. In particular, he was obsessed with an observation tower, wanting to take pictures of it the whole time.



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