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Tag: Canberra

Making Our Way To Sydney!

Did I mention before how much we like Canberra? The capital of Australia turned out to be an incredible city. Tuesday we set out to see a few more of the sites around town. After leaving the hotel, we started our day at the Old Parliament House. This undersized building housed Australia’s government until the new much larger Parliament House opened in the 1970’s.

A Full Day In Canberra!

We had a lot to do today so it was an early start for us. The Australia War Memorial is an enormous museum dedicated to all of the soldiers who have served Australia since the countries' inception. Upon arriving, we immediately drew comparisons to Washington DC as the memorial is built across a long open stretch from the Parliament Building. While walking from the carpark to the museum's entrance, we noticed hundreds of plaques embedded in the concrete, each memorializing a different regiment or unit.

Arriving In Australia’s Capital

As I mentioned last time, Sunday was the "big game" and I rented a hotel room with satellite television to see it. I had done my research and found out that the game was going to be on Fox Sports 2 here in Australia. Naturally, I booked the hotel based on them advertising having Fox Sports. Unfortunately, when I arrived and checked into the hotel, it became evident that the rooms had ESPN and not Fox Sports. A little note mentioned that Fox Sports was available in the sports bar downstairs.

A Couple Of Hot Boring Days!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the weather on Friday made the Australian Outback feel like hell. Before leaving Mildura for browner pastures, we stopped on the edge of town at Orange World, an orchard that provides tours along with housing the proverbial gift shop. While we didn't stay for a tour, a fresh bag of oranges was just what the doctor ordered for us. We also managed to take a couple of silly photos outside. It was just too hot a day to spend more than a couple of minutes outside, so we left before very long.



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