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Final Chance To Lock In These 5 Hyatt Hotels & 5...

Hyatt is having a massive 259 category changes happening Monday night. I wanted to share 5 that I am going to look at booking before the change and 5 after.

(4 Days Left!) Winners & Losers of Hyatt’s Huge 259 Property...

It seems like now is the time of the year when everyone announces their category changes. Hyatt announced category changes today for 259 properties.

Hyatt Makes It’s Yearly Category Changes and Why You’re Unlikely to...

Hyatt Makes Small Scale Category Changes. Most hotels moving up. How current nights will be affected, with only 9 changing you're unlikely to be impacted.

Hyatt Gold Passport 2016 Category Changes: Some Good & Some Bad

A full list of the recently announced Hyatt Gold Passport 2016 category changes. 56 properties are decreasing in price with 50 going up. Which notable hotels will cost more?



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