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Citi 5X Targeted Spending Offers Return: Earn 5X in Grocery, Drug...

This week they are sending out another round of these offers to cardholders including the ability to earn 5X points in very attractive categories.

Complete Guide to Credit Card Travel Credits & How to Maximize...

So many premium credit cards, so many travel credits. Hopefully this Travel Rewards Credit Card Travel Credits complete guide will shed some light on your credits and how to use them.

Details of the Citi Prestige Cell Phone Protection Benefit

Citi Prestige has been revamped and relaunched with a signup offer of 50,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 within 3 months of account opening. It will also have cell phone protection starting from May 1st.

Citi Prestige is Available Once Again with a 50,000 TYP Signup...

Citi Prestige has been revamped and relaunched. We already knew that the card was due for a comeback, and we also knew the enhancements and more importantly, the negative changes.

Citi Prestige Changes Confirmed: Better Earning, Less Benefits and Higher Fee

Citi Prestige Retention call
The changes have been confirmed through a dedicated page, and there's even some new information that wasn't revealed previously.

Citi Prestige Will Relaunch In January with Major Changes to Earnings...

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes including increased earnings on air travel and dining, added benefits but also increased fees and big restrictions on the coveted 4th night free benefit.

Citi Prestige is Going Away & Being Re-Introduced, so How Did...

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi Prestige Retention Call: Prestige is Going Away, so how Did that Affect My Retention call? Shawn recently covered some awesome Citi retention offers, here are my results

Guide: Priority Pass Select Membership Including How to Get it and...

  Guide: Priority Pass Airport Lounge Membership Priority Pass is a global lounge network that gives members access to over 1200 airport lounges worldwide. Priority Pass...



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