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Which Issuers Waive Annual Fees & Other Perks For Military Families

Which credit cards waive annual fees for military? We'll take a look at the different issuers that waive fees for military members.

Targeted $15 Off PayPal Offer For Citi Cardholders

There is another Citi offer floating around out there for $15 off any PayPal purchase of $75 or more. This is even better than yesterday's Amazon offer.

Targeted $15 Off Amazon Offer For Citi Cardholders

There is a new $15 off Amazon offer for Citi cardholders being sent out via email to people who were targeted for the offer.

Citi to Offer New Digital Savings Account with Bonus Miles

Citi is planning to offer a new savings account aimed at frequent travelers. This will be a digital savings account for cardholders of its American Airlines co-branded credit card.

Save Money At The Pump With These 5 Credit Cards!

Best Cards for Gas Purchases - Save Money Every Fill Up With gas prices soaring over $4.00 per gallon here in California right now, I...

Citi Bundle Offer, Earn 2.5% Cashback and 2.05% APY

With this targeted offer, you can earn 2.5% cashback with your Double Cash card, plus 2.05% with your Citi account.

Citi Now Lets You Add “Large Purchase Notice”

If you have tried making large purchases in the past with Citi cards, you might have had your card declined in more than one occasion.

My Latest Citi Sears Card 11X ThankYou Spending Offer Is the...

Full details of our latest Citi Sears Mastercard 10X Spending Offer which we received for 2019 and 2020. Hint, we're getting 11X!



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