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Are Credit Card Companies Gearing Up for a Gift Card Battle?

In the past few days we have seen Citi & American Express install new anti gift card rules. What are the new terms and what does it mean for us hobbyists?

Get $10 for Using Citi Cards with Apple Pay

Citi is sending out emails with an offer that can get you $10 in free spend through Apple Pay. You just need to make five transactions.

Earn 2.5x with Citi Cards When You Open a Priority Banking...

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi is targeting some customers with an offer to earn extra rewards on spending with a Citi Priority Banking Package that also get 2.36% APY on the savings account.

Why I HOPE Citi Adds the New 48 Month Rule to...

Citi Not Honoring Bonus
Wait a second, I hope Citi adds the new 48 month rule to ThankYou cards? Why would I hope for more punitive terms? Because I think they are better for us!

Two Terrible Upgrade Offers: One From Chase & One From Citi

My wife recently received two terrible upgrade offers, one from Chase and one from Citi. I share the details and why I am giving them a hard pass.

Citi Spending Offer, Earn 10X ThankYou Points on Most Purchases

Citi has send out mailers with an offer that can earn you 10X ThankYou points on most purchases. This is a targeted offer.

Citi Bonus, Earn up to $600 with New Checking Account

Citi Prestige Retention call
Citi is offering three new bonuses for checking accounts that are available nationwide. You can earn either $200, $400, $500 or $600 with these new offers.

CitiGold Customers Can Save $200 Annually on Memberships at Amazon, Costco...

Citibank has added a new benefit for select CitiGold customers. If you have an account, you can save up to $200 every year.



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