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Amex Platinum Retention Call Results. Will I Pay Another Annual Fee?

American Express Personal Platinum Retention Call Results. Why I kept the card open despite being unsuccessful in my retention offer call.

My Strange Amex Platinum Retention Call. Was it a Success?

American Express Business Platinum Retention Call Results My American Express Business platinum card came due for it's annual fee this past month and I waited...

My Sweeeeet Retention Offers from Citi: Credits & Almost 50K Bonus...

Full list of my recent Citi retention offers all taken on the same call! Find out what offers I received on four of Citi's most popular travel rewards cards and learn tips/tricks to get these offers for yourself!

Getting a 3rd Chase Freedom Card & Barclaycard/Chase Retention Data Points

Details of my recent retention experiences with Chase & Barclaycard and why getting multiple Chase Freedoms is a great long term strategy.

My Strange Citi Retention Call & Insights About Their New Retention...

How Citi is changing how they handle retention and my experience getting Citi ThankYou Premier Retention offers.

Is Calling for Retention Offers Immoral? Are You Cheating the Banks?

A look at the morality of calling for retention offers and how company's are using data to look out for their own self-interest. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

Credit Card Retention Tips & Takeaways from Recent Experiences with 4...

Tips and takeaways from my recent credit card retention experiences with four of the largest banks.

Citi AA & Chase Ink Credit Card Retention Experiences: Two Very...

Citi & Chase credit card retention call results and takeaways. What retention offers did we receive on Chase Ink and Citi AAdvantage cards?



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