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Does Amex Gold Card Offer More Value Than Ink Cash? Yes...

There has been a lot of positive things said about the new Amex Gold card but how does it stack up to one of the best cards out there, the Chase Ink Cash?

Guide: Amex Platinum Card Varieties and Details to Help You Choose

American Express Platinum Varieties Guide. American Express has 5 varieties of this premium card. Which is the best version for you?

My Latest Application Spree Results – $2400 In Value

I recently had a mini app-o-rama and I wanted to share with you my application spree results. I ended up netting $2400 in value.

Is Target, Amazon & Home Depot Trying To Devalue Your Rewards...

Large retailers want to refuse rewards earning credit cards because they cost more in swipe fees. This could make your favorite cards worth less.

What Credit Cards Are Currently In My Wallet & Why

I wanted to discuss what credit cards are currently in my wallet and give you the reasons why for each one. Please share which ones you are currently using.

Why I Am Passing on the SPG Luxury Card – Should...

The SPG American Express Luxury card Is now live but I am giving the card a pass.

A Regional Bank’s Credit Card That I Am Actually Considering &...

I recently received a targeted mailer from a regional bank and it is a compelling offer. Let me know if you think I should consider it or give it a hard pass.

They’re Back! Amex Increases Welcome Offers for Delta Credit Cards

Amex Increases Welcome Offers for Delta Credit Cards - If you had been waiting for these offers to return then now is your chance!

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