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Why I Think Hilton Is The Anti Bonvoy – My Recent...

People are leaving Marriott Bonvoy in droves and many are heading to Hilton. I share why I think Hilton is the anti Bovoy.

My Buddy Vs Bonvoy Went To Game 7… And He Won!

Changing Marriott travel packages is still possible, but you better be ready to fight. My buddy recently went through and came out victorious!

Does Bank of America Have The Worst Customer Service? My...

I had a simple task to accomplish and it ended up being like pulling teeth. My latest Bank of America customer service experience was a fail on their part.

My Laughable & Terrible Uber Customer Service Experience

Uber's customer service used to be good, but a recent laughably terrible experience proves the customer is no longer the focus.

A Behind the Scenes Look Inside Southwest Airlines’ Social Media Headquarters...

A behind the scenes look at the Southwest Airlines social media department which is growing fast to deal with customer demand.

Amex Customer Service Sucks! What Is Wrong with the Culture of...

American Express continues to cut costs and lower the customer experience. What has happened to the corporate culture at this once premium brand?

Why Is Customer Service via Twitter So Much Easier & More...

A look at how companies have empowered their social media teams to make interacting online far superior to calling in over the telephone.

Social Media is Powerful & A Final Resolution to my United...

A final follow up regarding my recent issue on a United flight including what I was offered and how it my social media presence helped me to get a resolution.



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