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Massive Equifax Data Breach Settlement – You’re Probably Eligible for $125...

There has been a proposed Equifax data breach settlement that could net affected class action members between $125 & $20,000.

Photos of Travelers Taken in Breach of U.S. Customs and Border...

Customs officials said in a statement that the images, which included photos of people’s faces and license plates, had been compromised as part of an attack on a federal subcontractor.

Another Day Another Data Breach: 1.6 Million TIO Users Affected

TIO hacked - 1.6 million affected.

Equifax’s Massive Data Breach – Are You Affected & Should You...

miles to memories recap
Consumer credit agency Equifax recently had a massive data breach. With executives reportedly dumping their stock, should you opt-in for their free credit monitoring even if it means you may be giving up on some of your rights?

Gyft Data Breach: Your Gift Cards, Account & Personal Info May...

Details of the Gyft data breach, which accounts were affected and what types of information was stolen. Are your unused gift cards safe?

1 Year of Kmart Free Credit Monitoring After Recent Breach –...

Kmart free credit reporting.
Learn what caused the breach & find out how to register for free Kmart credit monitoring if you shopped at their stores in September or October, 2014.



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