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Two $500+ Bank Account Bonuses From Citizens & Fifth Third Bank

There are two $500+ bank account bonuses that I recently came across. They are combined checking and savings account offers that I plan on doing.

(Sale) Apple AirPods Pro $235 On Amazon – Stack For Even...

There is a deal where Apple AirPods Pro are $235 on Amazon. That is $15 off the regular price but we can do a lot better with some deals stacking.

(Ended) Tons Of Discounted Gift Cards on Amazon – As Much...

There are tons of discounted gift cards on Amazon right now that are as much as 20% off! These are prefect for personal use or for gift card resellers.

Update On Kroger Gift Cards Issues – Not As Bad As...

A quick update on the Kroger gift card issues. The changes are not as bad as we initially thought.

Negative Changes To Kroger Gift Card Purchases & Fuel Points Program

There are a few negative changes to Kroger gift card purchases and their fuel points program that came out today and will be a big blow to resellers.

$8.99 Amazon Echo Dot Deal Still Alive & How To Turn...

The Amazon Echo Dot deal is still alive and kicking. You should take advantage even if you don't want one of these because you can turn it into profit.

20% Off Many Electronics – Amazon Warehouse Deals

There is a deal that can snag you 20% off electronics on Amazon. The Amazon Warehouse deals come around once a month or two and offer some good discounts.

(New People Targeted) Plastiq Has Multiple Promos Ongoing, Which Means Easy...

There are 4 different Plastiq promos currently ongoing that can save you a lot of money and rack you up a ton of points. See if any work for you!



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