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TSA Bans Popular Disney Star Wars Souvenir From Both Carry-On &...

A popular Disney Star Wars souvenir from the new Galaxy's Edge land at Disneyland and Walt Disney World is now banned from airplanes both in carry-on and checked luggage!

11 Lessons Learned from Visiting All 4 Walt Disney World Theme...

Recently I visited all four Walt Disney World theme parks in the same day. It is tough to do, but here are some lessons I learned to make your adventure a bit easier!

The Story It Took 13 Days To Write!

I decided that this post will not feature too much information on Disney World but a quick synopsis of our time here. If you are interested, several sites can provide more information on Disney World itself. The goal of this post is to get you up to date on a few of our experiences over the past two weeks in order to prepare you for getting back into the flow of receiving daily updates again.



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