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How Easy Was It to Hack Equifax? They Used ‘admin’ for...

miles to memories recap
Thee's some new interesting information in the lawsuit filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia that shows how poorly protected your data was.

Equifax Makes it Harder to Claim a Cash Payment for Settlement

Those who chose the cash option, were notified recently that they have until October 15 to verify or amend their claim, or compensation will be denied.

The Government Says You ARE NOT Getting $125 for the Equifax...

The Equifax Data Breach class action has become so popular the government is warning you are going to receive FAR less money than the $125 settlement. Here are your options if you are rethinking your decision.

Beware of Fake Equifax Websites When Filing Claims

The Federal Trade Commission is now warning consumers looking to file claims to beware of scammers and fake websites.

Massive Equifax Data Breach Settlement – You’re Probably Eligible for $125...

There has been a proposed Equifax data breach settlement that could net affected class action members between $125 & $20,000.

Equifax’s Massive Data Breach – Are You Affected & Should You...

miles to memories recap
Consumer credit agency Equifax recently had a massive data breach. With executives reportedly dumping their stock, should you opt-in for their free credit monitoring even if it means you may be giving up on some of your rights?

Diversify Credit Pulls – Easily Find Out Which Bank Uses Which...

The credit pulls database is a valuable tool to check which credit agency each bank uses. The information is searchable by bank, credit card product, state & more. Diversifying your credit pulls is important when churning credit cards.

Transunion Adds A Killer Feature to their App, But It Will...

Transunion recently added the ability to freeze your credit profile to their mobile app. Find out how to get the functionality and how to freeze your credit with the other bureaus.



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