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Visiting Ephesus

Find out why Ephesus is a place that all children can and should visit. What remains of Ephesus is both stunning and remarkable. We found the ruins to be among the best we have ever visited. Take a peak inside for tips and information about our visit.

Families Have It Easy In Athens!

While we didn't spend a lot of time in Athens, we managed to see most of the key sites and were able to get a good feel for the city. Families will find it a very easy and friendly place to visit. Read the article for dozens of photos and a few tips and takeaways from our time in Athens, Greece.

Trishaw Tours & Indian Food!

We spent most of our first two days in Georgetown, Penang exploring the city. The highlights of our time there were the fantastic food and our trishaw tour of the city!

Crystal Clear Water & Other Natural Wonders!

Starting near Takaka on Friday morning, we headed first to Wainui Falls, which lie in Abel Tasman National Park, about a thirty minute hike from the carpark. The hike was very simple as it followed the river upstream towards the falls. During the first fifteen minutes we passed over several wooden bridges until we came to an exciting place. There on the path just in front of us was a genuine swing bridge. While we have all been on swing bridges before, none of them have crossed real rivers at such a height. After crossing the swing bridge and enjoying every moment of it, we headed another fifteen minutes along the river until the magnificent falls were right in front of us. The falls are located in a nice secluded spot.

Starting On The Mayan Trail!

The Mayan Ruins at Palenque were our first ruins in Central America and still remain among my favorites. Couple massive pyramids with spectacular waterfalls and you get a day we won't soon forget!

Settling Down In Guatemala!

When last I left you, we had landed in Guatemala City and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Fortunately, the worst of the food poisoning quickly passed and my body slowly returned to normal. We had arranged transportation from Guatemala City to Antigua ahead of time, so at least we didn’t have to deal with the vast array of taxi drivers at the airport.

Two More Days Of Nature’s Best!

There I was, at a spot I had longed dreamed about. As the roar of the powerful falls rang so loud in my ears, I looked down at my little boy and asked, “Do you like Niagara Falls?” Much to my surprise, he said very nonchalantly, “No”. After a little investigating, I found out the he liked them, but he was much more impressed with the vast array of unfortunate man made tourist traps surrounding the falls. In particular, he was obsessed with an observation tower, wanting to take pictures of it the whole time.



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