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Families Have It Easy In Athens!

While we didn't spend a lot of time in Athens, we managed to see most of the key sites and were able to get a good feel for the city. Families will find it a very easy and friendly place to visit. Read the article for dozens of photos and a few tips and takeaways from our time in Athens, Greece.

A Creative Way To Europe

The recent journey to the start of our cruise in Rome proposed a challenge in terms of meeting all of our travel objectives.  With...

Lessons Learned from Spending 9/11 On The Road

Five years ago on September 11, 2007 we were in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. This article shares what I learned spending that day on the road and what I have come to learn about September 11 through my travels.

Making The Decision!

On the fence about long term travel? Let me give you a few short reason why today is better than tomorrow and how this kind of travel will impact your life in more way than you can even imagine!


After a few years of hiatus, Family 'Round the World relaunches today with new articles, a new design and a new focus on being an inspired guide to family world travel.

Experiencing The Craziness of Songkran In Bangkok!

Shawn Reece & Jasmine preparing for battle at the Songkran Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.
We were lucky enough to spend a few days in Bangkok during their amazing Songkran Festival. Find out what it is like to experience the craziness first hand!

Kuala Lumpur Here We Come!

Kuala Lumpur is a large dirty city. For some people that would probably be a turn off, but for us it means excitement. We were all very excited to get into the city and to see how it contrasted to the Utopian like Singapore!

Exploring Singapore’s Ethnic Neighborhoods

Singapore is home to a diverse range of people. From Westerners to Chinese and Malay to Indian, almost all cultures are represented here. Today we visited Chinatown, a Hindu temple and one of the most beautiful mosques we have ever seen!