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Crossing Two Borders & Back Into The Mayan World!

Waking up at 5am on Thursday morning, we made our way to the bus terminal in Chetumal which was right next to our hotel. The bus trip to Flores via Belize was to be around eight hours including two border crossings. The other passengers on the bus were mostly backpackers, with some getting off in Belize and others continuing on to Guatemala like us.

Bienvenue Vers Le Québec Canada

The three of us woke up Friday with a lack of enthusiasm. You see, it was that most dreaded time of the week. You guessed it, LAUNDRY DAY! It is not that we don't like to have clean clothes, (Shawn Reece being a typical little boy would probably bathe in dirt if he could) but it always seems that laundry day falls when we have so much to see. I will stop complaining about this since, to tell the truth, we woke up this morning with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

New York City, You Had Me At Hello!

Last night we stayed about an hour outside of Newark, New Jersey so we had a bit of a drive this morning before arriving. By the time we drove in, unloaded our stuff in the hotel and took the train into New York City, it was about 2pm. We decided to buy the City Pass in New York. The City Pass gave us a 50% discount to six different popular attractions in New York City. It includes a Harbor Cruise, The Natural History Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Empire State Building Observatory.



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