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FoundersCard Adds HIlton Gold Status For Members and Extends Total Rewards...

New FoundersCard Benefit: Las Vegas Cosmopolitan (Marriott's Autograph Collection)
Hilton Benefit Added to FoundersCard Plus Total Rewards Diamond Extended through 2018. This is a great perk but not everyone will get value here because Gold status is only good until March 31st, 2018.

Total Rewards Announces 2018 Changes, FoundersCard’s Value Takes a Big Hit!

Negative changes to the Total Rewards program. If you have a FoundersCard you need to read this.

Simple & Easy: How to Status Match Total Rewards to Wyndham...

Now that Wyndham and Total Rewards have announced their status match, it is super quick and easy to ensure you have status in both programs. Here is how to match your Total Rewards status to Wyndham in 2 minutes.

Total Rewards Diamond Extended! More Waived Resort Fees, Lounge Access &...

Total Rewards Status Match to Diamond Through 2020
Caesar's and Founderscard have officially extended Diamond Membership and why that is such a great deal if you go to Vegas frequently.

I Wish More Loyalty Programs Would Make Elites an Offer Like...

One loyalty program just sent me an amazing offer as an expiring elite. Should more companies make similar offers to their ex-most loyal customers?

Founderscard Adds Cool Private Jet Benefit & More Thoughts on Value...

New FoundersCard Benefit: Las Vegas Cosmopolitan (Marriott's Autograph Collection)
Founderscard has added a trial private jet membership to their program. Find out about how I maximizing my membership and the details of a new special offer to join.

Why I Joined Founderscard, Getting Matched to Total Rewards Diamond &...

Why I joined Founderscard, my experience with Total Rewards Diamond status and details of how you can get AA Platinum status as a benefit of the card.

Why I Am Seriously Considering a FoundersCard Membership & A Great...

New FoundersCard Benefit: Las Vegas Cosmopolitan (Marriott's Autograph Collection)
A look at two new $295 membership offers for Founderscard and a breakdown of why I think signing up makes sense for me and how the cost may be justified for others.



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