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Tags Franz Josef Glacier

Tag: Franz Josef Glacier

Many Pleasant Surprises!

We woke up Wednesday morning with the hope that we might still get the chance to hike up to the Franz Josef Glacier. With the realization that this was the only day we had to do this, we headed over to the visitor’s center to see if it was possible. Upon arriving, the park ranger informed us that all of the paths to the glacier were flooded out and very dangerous. Apparently it takes a couple of days after the rain stops before they are safe again. We simply didn’t have the time. With this unfortunate news, we got in the car and began our drive south to the resort town of Wanaka.

Take Me To Shantytown!

I woke up a 6:45am on Monday morning to listen to the Packers (American Football) game over the internet. The timing worked out perfectly as the game ended around 10am, just the time we had to vacate the room and get on with our day. I wish I could say that the weather had cleared up, but it was much of the same as Sunday, but we had stayed long enough and decided to move on, albeit with a bit of caution.



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