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The Plastic Merchant Website Is Gone & With It Your Records

The Plastic Merchant has largely disappeared for the last 6 weeks, but now something has happened that all but confirms the company is defunct.

How I Turned My Vacation Into A Profit Machine & Why...

The timing of my vacation wasn't the best due to so many deals going on, so I turned my trip to Hawaii into a profit making venture.

(UPDATED – Response Sent Out) Are There Issues with The Plastic...

We have been seeing a lot of reports in our Facebook Group of issues and there is some growing concern.

Why I Love Amazon’s Gold Box Gift Card Deals

If you are a gift card reseller or are looking to get into it I offer you some good tips on how to source Amazon gift card deals.

Million Dollar Reseller: 5 Frustrations & Drawbacks to Reselling Gift Cards...

travel rewards reselling business
While building a giant reselling business can be lucrative and fun, there are many drawbacks and frustrations encountered along the way.

Save 52.5% or Make a $35+ Profit with this New Targeted...

Guide: American Express Program Rules Including Application Restrictions, Card Limits and Difference Between Credit and Charge Cards
Save over 52% on merchandise or make a very nice profit on gift cards with this new generous Amex Offer!

Studying Gift Card Reselling Markets & Profits: Lessons Learned From Riding...

A real world example and lesson learned from riding the gift card market wave. Doing this can result in much bigger profits than you would otherwise get.

It Is Now a Bit Safer to Buy Discounted Gift Cards...

Perhaps the largest gift card marketplace has made a customer friendly move by extending their guarantee period and thus making it safer to buy discounted cards from them.



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