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Don’t Let Your HHonors Points Expire Waiting for the 1,000 Free...

Hilton's recent promotion for 1,000 free HHonors points is nice, but the points will not post for a long time. Here are four ways to keep your HHonors points from expiring.

It’s Not Too Late for 1,000 Free HHonors Points – Their...

1,000 Free Hhonors Promotion Extended Hilton has created sort of a saga when it comes to them offering 1,000 bonus points in exchange for members...

Breaking: Hilton Canceling Bookings from Yesterday’s 279 Point Rate at Hilton...

Hotel Mistake Rate Strategy
Yesterday the Hilton Los Cabos was offering Premier Suites for 279 HHonors points. Today they are canceling those bookings citing a room category that doesn't exist.

Act Fast! Mistake Rate Hilton Los Cabos – King Suite Only...

Hotel Mistake Rate Strategy
Hilton Los Cabos Mistake Rate Update: It appears this deal is dead. Congratulations to those who got in on it and we will see if...

Update to Hilton HHonors 1,000 Bonus Points for Password Change Fiasco

HHonors had released a promotion in February offering 1,000 bonus points for members who changed or updated their password. That promotion was then put on hold. Here is an update.

Don’t Change Your HHonors Password Yet – Hilton Isn’t Ready (Unless...

Earlier today I wrote about a bonus Hilton was offering HHonors members to change their password. Now Hilton says they weren't ready. Find out the latest.

Bonus Miles/Points Roundup – Free Offers from 4 Top Loyalty Programs

Learn how to get free miles/points in several top travel loyalty programs with various ongoing promotions.

New Hilton Hhonors Promotion – Double Or Triple Points

Hilton has released their new promotion for stays from August-October. Find out the details and which properties are specifically excluded.