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Did Expedia and Illegally Overcharge Customers $95 Million

Possible Expedia Class Action Lawsuit estimates that Expedia overcharged customers to the tune of 95 Million Dollars by illegally inflating "government taxes and fees." and pocketing the difference

(23% Off!) $15 Bonus On $50 Gift Cards At Walmart

There is a great deal going on right now at Walmart stores where you can get gift cards for 23% off. These may be location specific.

Newegg is Selling Gift Cards at a 20% Discount

Guide: How to Decide Whether to Buy Points or Pay Cash for Hotel Stays
Newegg has a promotion on gift cards. You can buy them at a 20% discount.

New Gyft Promo: Save 20% On + Earn 5X

Gyft is one of the remaining options to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points and today they are running a new promotion on gift cards.

Save 20% on Gift Cards with New Amex Offer

Check your American Express credit cards for a new Amex Offer that will save you 20% on gift cards.

15% Discount When You Book or Buy Gift Cards

There's two discounts for you hotel bookings through You can get 15% off gift cards at Newegg and you can also save 15% when booking and paying with PayPal.

15% Off and Groupon Gift Cards and More at PPDG

PayPal Digital Gifts has a deal on and Groupon gift cards. You can get a discount of 15% on both brands.

Newegg, 15% Off Gift Cards

Newegg is selling discounted gift cards. You can net 15% discounts for future bookings.

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