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Getting My Hands Dirty Eating A Traditional Kerala Sadya

Kerala Sadya
A Sadya is a traditional Keralan vegetarian meal eaten with one's right hand. The Sadya experience was stimulating on many levels & the food was delicious!

An Iconic Experience – Cruising Kerala’s Backwaters On A Houseboat

Kerala Blog Express
WARNING: Reading this post about my Kerala houseboat experience comes with risks. If you are prone to wanderlust then reader discretion is advised.

The People Of Kerala, India

The people of Kerala, India are fantastic and welcoming. From the first day of my trip to the last, they continually proved just how amazing they are!

My First Few Days In Kerala Told Through Photos #KeralaBlogExpress

A photo tour of my first three days on the Kerala Blog Express. We visited a temple and a palace, watched local rituals, observed fishermen and more!

Is This The Hardest Job In The World?

Fishermen in Kerala have one of the most strenuous and backbreaking jobs around. It quite possibly could be the hardest job in the world.

Meet The Other #KeralaBlogExpress Travel Bloggers

Meet the other travel bloggers who will be joining me in India for the Kerala Blog Express.



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