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Kroger, 20% Off Happy Gift Cards Online Plus Fuel Points

Kroger has a deal on Happy gift cards online. You can get a 20% discount on $50 denominations, and many brands are included.

Update On Kroger Gift Cards Issues – Not As Bad As...

A quick update on the Kroger gift card issues. The changes are not as bad as we initially thought.

Negative Changes To Kroger Gift Card Purchases & Fuel Points Program

There are a few negative changes to Kroger gift card purchases and their fuel points program that came out today and will be a big blow to resellers.

My Grocery Store Stopped Accepting Visa, But Has Now Backtracked: Visa...

My local Kroger stopped accepting Visa cards for payment awhile ago. This has hurt given I have a very lucrative grocery Visa earning card, however things are about to change.

Update On The Kroger VGC Fraud/Elegant Scam Situation

I wanted to update everyone on the Kroger VGC elegant scam and share what Joe's final resolution ended up being. Did he get his money back?

(Sold Out) Lowe’s GC 10% Off at Kroger on 6/5 Plus...

Kroger will have a new deal on Lowe's gift cards online. Starting on 6/5 you can get a 10% discount and on top of that you also earn fuel points.

Kroger VGC Fraud/Scam Is Worse Than We Thought – Very Elegant...

Kroger VGC Fraud/Scam Is Worse Than We Thought - Very Elegant Plan Yesterday I talked about reader Joe's recent issue with some Visa gift cards...

Are There Fraud Issues With Kroger Visa Gift Cards? A Reader’s...

There may be some Visa gift card fraud issues at Kroger much like at Safeway. Kroger's response to the issue was a little surprising.



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