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Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

Has your application been denied even after calling a bank's credit card reconsideration line? Find out what options are left & why you shouldn't give up.

How Your FICO Credit Score Is Calculated

Miles & Points For Beginners Part 2 - Learn what factors go into determining your FICO credit score & how applying for travel credit cards affects it.

Manufactured Spending for the Time Strapped & How I Can Meet...

Annual travel credits explained
A look at ways to meet large minimum spending requirements for credit card sign-up bonuses and the best options to manufacture spend for people without a lot of time.

Why Yesterday’s Southwest Announcement Will Probably Lead to a Huge Devaluation

Southwest announced a move to dynamic pricing on awards starting in April. Find out what we know and why I think this is going to be really bad for Rapid Rewards members.

Blacklists, Bad Hotels, Hacking Everyday Purchases, Manufacturing Spend With Little Time...

A look at our best posts from the past four weeks including numerous posts and analysis on the industry, credit cards & manufactured spend.

The American Express Blacklist Explained & Strategies For Removal

American Express maintains a blacklist of people who aren't eligible for accounts. Find out about the list and how to possibly get yourself removed so you can take advantage of American Express products and sign-up bonuses.

Getting Chase Rewards Cards with a Bankruptcy on your Credit Report

Think that having a bankruptcy on your credit report prevents you from getting premium rewards cards? Find out how it is possible to get Chase rewards cards with a bankruptcy on your credit report.

Why Today’s British Airways Avios Devaluation Came at Exactly the Perfect...

A look at the British Airways Avios devaluation and why it is good news for a lot of U.S. based program members who redeem points from credit cards.

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