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How to Avoid Passing Out on An Airplane Due to Wearing...

Passenger Passes Out Easyjet Several UK media sources are reporting that a 19 year old Scottish boy band member passed out on an Easyjet flight...

30 Insane Stories From Working on the Las Vegas Strip

30 insane stories from the Las Vegas Strip as told by bartenders and cocktail waitresses who lived through them.

The Plane that Gave Air Force One an Inferiority Complex –...

A look at what might be the most expensive private plane ever built, a 747-800 VIP edition!

When That Small “Hack” Blows Up In Your Face!

lyft charlotte
How a brilliant little "hack" designed to save some money blew up in my face causing me more trouble than it was worth!

Think You Travel A Lot? Here Is A Map of President...

Obama travel map
A look at Obama's 2014 travels including a detailed map and a breakdown of his trips by month.

The Coach Flying Experience Summed Up – Can You Relate to...

A funny parody about flying in coach. After experiencing several difficult long-haul coach experiences this past year, I can certainly relate. Enjoy!

Best & Quirkiest Holiday Gifts For the Aviation Lover In Your...

Are you an aviation lover? Do you love to geek out over anything aviation related? Then perhaps you will find your next must have item on this list!

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs for People Who Love to Travel!...

Highest Paying Job for People who love to travel.
A new study has surfaced revealing the highest paying jobs for people who love to travel. Find out which jobs/profession made the cut!