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How Much Luxury Is Good Enough

Andaz Amsterdam
Some thoughts on a recent experience I had in Amsterdam where a perfectly good hotel was 1/10 the cost of a luxury hotel. How much luxury is good enough?

Exclusive Photos: Come With Me Inside of One World Trade Center...

One World Trade Center Lobby
In late October of last year, I embarked on a nearly three week around the world journey. Starting with a few days in Washington...

You Will Want to See What I Found at the Grand...

Grand Hyatt Washington Video
The safety video at the Grand Hyatt Washington is a throwback more than two decades to a much different time. Take a look!

How I Was Stranded on the Curb at Denver International Airport

Fox Rent a Car in Denver left me stranded on the curb after midnight when their shuttle failed to show up. Find out what happened and how I used my experience to quickly solve the situation!

Rarely Seen Drone Footage of a Working International Airport! Simply Stunning!...

Authorities in Mexico City allowed a drone to fly over their international airport and film it from a perspective which has not been seen before. Simply stunning!

How to Fake Your Exotic Vacation in 42 Steps

How one Dutch student faked an entire 42 day Asian backpacking trip to show how much of social media is curated. Interesting & convincing experiment.

Vegas Oddity: Fight with Batman & Flirt with Spartacus

Vegas characters have grown in the number and scope over the past few years. Find out more about this Vegas oddity and a recent crackdown on their behavior.

0-150 MPH in 5 Seconds. Would You Ride The Fastest Coaster...

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the fastest coaster in the world. It launches riders from 0-150 MPH in five seconds. Would you ride it?



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