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Vegas Oddity: Pee On The Berlin Wall

Best of Miles to Memories - September 2014
Did you know that you can find a section of the Berlin Wall in Las Vegas? Find out where it is and why people go out of there way to pee on it.

Budget Airline Fees Are Laughable

Spirit Airlines new livery
Budget Airline Fees With the success of carriers like Spirit & Allegiant, more and more airlines have decided to go the route of low cost...

A Cool Way To Visualize And Track Where You Have Visited

Find out what I use to visually track my travels in a fun way. It is a great way to remember where I have been and trigger some of my favorite travel memories!

Photos Of 21 Terrible Airline Passengers – Have You Flown With...

A group of photos showing some of the worst airline passengers in the history of flying. Prepare to either laugh or be mortified. Either way you will want to see these!