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Sinemia Adds Rollover Feature, Special Pricing & Up to $20 Bonus!

Moviepass competitor Sinemia has added a compelling new feature along with special pricing and a nice bonus just for signing up!

Sinemia Starts New Dirt Cheap Weekday Only Plan

Sinemia starts yet another plan for Monday-Thursday only starting at a dirt cheap $3.99 per month. I give you the reasons you should still avoid it.

Life After Moviepass: Why I Have Resisted Signing Up For Another...

Nobody loved Moviepass more than I did but what were my options after canceling Moviepass and which option did I decide to go with?

Why Moviepass Annual Plan Members Should Cancel By 8/31

In less than shocking news, Moviepass cancels unlimited plan for yearly subscribers. They decided not to honor the deal they set forth.

Moviepass Rolls Out New Limited “Schedule” & Sinemia Wants to Pay...

Moviepass elaborates on their new schedule and limits to what movies you can see while their competitor Sinemia wants to pay you to join their service!

My Moviepass Review, They Went From Amazing to Garbage Juice in...

My Thoughts After a Month With Moviepass & Review

Manic MoviePass? Company Announces Even More Changes/Limits & Backtracks on Others!...

MoviePass has once again announced a ton of changes and backtracked on a lot of other announcements. Will this save the company?

Moviepass On Its Last Leg Promises a 50% Price Increase Within...

In a press release sent Tuesday, MoviePass announced that within the next 30 days, the monthly subscription price for the movie-ticketing service will rise to $14.95 per month.

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