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Debt Is Evil

A quick rant about debt, why your debt pays for my travel and how taking on debt is costly in so many ways.

Don’t Fall Into This Trap Of The Miles/Points Game

The miles & points hobby isn't for everyone. Find out the typical newbie story and learn which traps to avoid as you grow from novice to expert.

Why Gift Card Reselling Probably Isn’t Worth the Time & Effort

Gift card reselling has become a popular way to manufacture spend for some people, however it carries too much risk and not enough upside to be worth it for most.

One True Key to the Miles & Points Game

A look at the single thing I believe is most important to learning and being successful when trying to maximize miles/points & credit card rewards.

Slow & Steady Doesn’t Make You A Loser

There is often a push or feeling in this hobby to get the latest deal or you will miss out. I am here to tell you that slow & steady doesn't mean you lose.

Why You Should ALMOST NEVER Pay With Cash

Best of Miles to Memories - September 2014
An explanation of why you are losing money by paying everyday expenses with cash and a breakdown of just how much money is going down the toilet.



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