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Home Of The Kiwis!

Because of our flight cancellation in Fiji, we arrived in Auckland much later than originally planned. While this wasn't really a problem for us, the one issue we faced was not having any accommodation booked for the night. We had felt that booking a room ahead of time wasn't important given that we were going to arrive in the early afternoon. Luckily, when we finally cleared immigration at around 10pm, the visitor's information desk was still open and they were able to call around for us.

Drinking Kava & More Fiji Time!

The food served at the resorts on the Yasawa Islands seems to be similar to what the locals eat and is always dictated by what is available during the current day. During our stay, most breakfasts included oatmeal and one of a combination of the five fruits that can be found on the island. (Coconut, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple & Watermelon) At the Sunset Waya, also included was a delicious piece (or 3) of home made bread with every meal. On most days lunch and dinner consisted of a meat dish, usually a fish or chicken curry with white rice.

Bula From Fiji!

Flying to Fiji entails crossing the International Dateline and thus losing a day somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Our flight left Los Angeles at around 10:30pm on Tuesday November 6th and arrived in Fiji some 31 hours later on Thursday morning the 8th at 5:30am. The actual flight time was just over 11 hours and the one redeeming thing about it was that we departed at nighttime and arrived in the morning, which allowed our internal clocks to adjust rather quickly.

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