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Tags NBA Amex

Tag: NBA Amex

BBVA Discontinuing NBA Checking: Is the 5% NBA Amex Next?

BBVA & the NBA appear to be severing their banking relationship. As of now only checking accounts are affected, but it doesn't look good for our beloved NBA American Express.

A Huge Obstacle to 5X Everywhere with the NBA Amex: Did...

BBVA Compass NBA Amex Bonus
Looking at an issue I ran into trying to use my BBVA Compass NBA Amex to maximize its 5% cashback rate during the NBA Finals.

A Depressing Weekend of Spending: Frustrations, Let Downs & Tightening

Details of my frustrating weekend of manufactured spend including the elimination of more gift card options and the continuing loss of Walmart kiosks.

NBA Amex Bonus Issues & Misinformation: Is This Great Deal Worth...

BBVA Compass NBA Amex Bonus
The BBVA Compass card has 5X earnings, no annual fee, Amex Offers & a great bonus but there are issues of misinformation with the bank. Is it still worth the trouble?



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