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Tag: New Zealand

New Zealand Adds New Entry Requirements for Visitors

New Zealand has announced new entry requirements designed to enhance screening of those visiting the country.

Hidden Travel Gems & The Clearest Water I Have Ever Seen

A word about the amazement of smaller unknown sites and how one place in New Zealand holds a place in my heart because of its unbelievably clear water.

An Early Christmas Start!

Before doing anything else on Christmas morning, our first order of business was to see what Santa had brought Shawn Reece while we were sleeping. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to check out the various gifts since we had to leave for the airport by 5am to check in for our 6:30am flight (we got a great rate on the tickets). We ended up getting out of bed at around 4:15am and managed to open all of the presents and get to the airport on time. Shawn Reece was delighted to find out that Santa had brought him a four pack of miniature skate boards that he had asked for in Dunedin along with a spy kit which was an added surprise.

Our Final Stop In New Zealand!

Come Saturday morning we set out to see Christchurch with excitement. I have to admit that part of our excitement was the anticipation for our Christmas morning flight to Australia, but we were also genuinely excited to be in Christchurch, which is nicknamed The Garden City. One eighth of the cities’ acreage is dedicated to parks or gardens and the local population takes great pride in their green space. We were out of the cabin by 10am.

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere!

Once again, Thursday was packed full of activities so we had to get started early. Before leaving Dunedin, we decided to drive out to the Otago Peninsula which is host to a plethora of activities. Since most of the activities didn’t interest us, we proceeded to drive straight to Taiaora Head at the end of the peninsula. The views of the water and Dunedin were incredible as we made the forty minute drive on a windy road that followed the shoreline.

Wow That’s A Steep Street!

If you have been following this site for a while then you must know by now that I love trains. I was excited on Wednesday because Shawn Reece and I were going to ride a historic train deep into the mountains. While Jasmine decided not to join us on the train, we had a few hours in the morning before our 2pm departure, so we decided to make the most of it.

New Zealand’s Scottish City!

While arriving in Dunedin on Monday evening we could see that it was a special place. Unfortunately, we didn’t get an opportunity to do anything on Monday before packing it in for the night. In doing some research on activities to do in Dunedin, we saw a couple of tours that peaked our interest. While looking into them more, we found out that they offer a package discount on the two tours together, so we opted to plan our day around them.

Words Can’t Describe This Place!

It seems that everyone we met while traveling through New Zealand always mentioned Milford Sound as one of the must see places in the country. Everyone talks about Milford Sound’s remoteness and beauty and they say the only way to truly experience it is to get out on the water. While getting to Milford Sound and out on a boat is not an easy or cheap thing to do, we never considered skipping the experience.



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