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Yes!!! Bipartisan Legislation Proposed For Deceptive Hotel Resort Fees!

There was legislation proposed for deceptive hotel resort fees this week and it is exactly what we have been asking for, up front pricing!

Costco Membership Deal on Groupon – $20 Gift Card & Coupons...

There is a Costco membership deal on Groupon that makes the membership essentially free. You get a $20 coupon and a few free items to cover the $60 cost.

Amazon Fire Tablet 7 40% Off For Prime Members – Now...

Amazon Fire Tablets are on sale once again. This time it is for the 16GB and 32GB versions and the sale is for Prime Members only.

IT..IS..HERE! The Miles to Memories Podcast Episode One Has Dropped –...

On the Miles to Memories podcast episode one we discuss using Amex FHR credits in Vegas, the situation in Hong Kong and introductions to Joe & Mark.

Emergency Landing Because Passenger Swallowed Meth Before Boarding

A Delta Air Lines regional plane was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday after a passenger would sit and kept pacing towards the cockpit.

Southwest Extends Their Schedule Through March, 2016 & Why You Should...

Starting tomorrow, Southwest is extending their schedule through March 8, 2016 for bookings. Find out why it makes sense to book in advance given the recent changes to the program.

Phoenix Sues the FAA Over Flight Paths – What Does This...

Phoenix has sued the FAA in federal court over new flight paths implemented over the city. Does a municipality such as Phoenix have the right to determine the paths of planes flying overhead?

United Airlines Upgrades International Food & Beverage Options in the Economy...

United has announced an upgrade to their food and beverage service in the economy cabin on international flights including a three course meal, free beer & wine & more!