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Is Calling for Retention Offers Immoral? Are You Cheating the Banks?

A look at the morality of calling for retention offers and how company's are using data to look out for their own self-interest. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

14 Cathay Planes Found With Contaminated Drinking Water – Poll: Do...

During a recent inspection, 14 Cathay Pacific planes were found to have unsafe levels of bacteria in their drinking water. Find out the details and let us know if you drink "tap" water on board an airplane.

Poll: One Premium Class Award Seat – Split Up the Family...

Shawn Reece's First flight.
What if there is only one premium class seat and two tickets needed? Is it ok to leave your family member in coach while you fly up front? Vote in our poll!

Travel Hacking Smart Or Unethical? Christopher Elliott No Doubt Says Unethical!

Christopher Elliott has written yet another article railing against travel hacking. This time he has a poll asking if it is smart or unethical. Let me know what you think and vote in his poll!

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