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Does The Surpass Offer the Best Priority Pass for Families &...

Earth Lounge Cochin
Is the Amex Surpass Priority Pass membership an overlooked gem? Is it the perfect fit for families and infrequent travelers? I think it is!

No Soup For You: Is Priority Pass Removing Restaurants from Credit...

Priority Pass has a dedicated page about the program changes and looks like it has just confirmed that it might cut the non-lounge access benefit for all Priority Pass Select members.

Why Amex Removing Priority Pass Restaurants Isn’t a Huge Deal to...

I discuss why Amex removing Priority Pass restaurants is not a huge deal to me even though most people are very upset with these recent changes.

Move over Centurion! There is a New Lounge in Las Vegas...

Las Vegas has a brand new airport lounge just about a minute from the old Amex Centurion. It is quite attractive and also has decent amenities and food, but does it beat the Amex Centurion lounge? Come take a detailed look!

Is Priority Pass Confused? Now Capers Cafe Isn’t Leaving The...

It has been an up and down whirl wind ride in regards to the Capers & Priority Pass saga. It appears Capers Cafe isn't leaving Priority Pass.

(Updated – Cafe Is Not Leaving) Capers Cafe No Longer In...

We knew that Capers Market was leaving the Priority Pass program but we thought the restaurant may hold on but it appears Capers Cafe is out too.

Breaking News: Priority Pass & Capers Market at PDX Part Ways

Capers Market (D gates) was a different option from Priority Pass for those traveling through PDX. It offered a bar and other things you would usually find at an airport market.

Some Priority Pass Lounges Are Now Charging for Bookings

Priority Pass is offering a booking option at some locations with a fee that guarantees you entry. This applies to No1 Lounges for now.



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