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(Live Today!) Profit + Points! New Coin Deal to Generate Spend...

Another super easy coin deal is coming next week which will pay both a hefty profit and generate some free spend on your credit card of choice!

(Targeted) Easy Win! $10 Coupon When You Sell $30 On eBay

eBay has a new sellers offer that appears to be open to everyone. Get a $10 coupon when you sell $30 on eBay. Should be pretty easy to hit!

Update: The Plastic Merchant Finally Files for Bankruptcy (Link to Documents)

The Plastic Merchant saga has a new chapter: The Plastic Merchant Bankruptcy. TPM has finally filed for bankruptcy this week.

PSA: Is Home Depot Auto Draining Gift Cards Purchased With Happy...

Is Home Depot auto draining gift cards purchased with Happy Gift Cards? It appears that is the case but it may be on a store by store basis.

How I Get Better Rates When Selling on Craigslist – The...

I share a tip on how I get better rates when selling on Craigslist. It is all about location, location, location! Meet up location that is.

Is The Plastic Merchant Rising From the Ashes? It May Be...

There is an interesting development in the TPM (The Plastic Merchant) debacle. Could this defunct gift card reseller be coming back to life?

I Think eBay & PayPal’s Policy On Foreign Transactions Is Terrible

On a few occasions I have been charged a foreign transaction fee from PayPal on an eBay sale even though I was never alerted by either company.

Year of Yummmm Reselling Results – Turned Out To Be Easy...

I took advantage of a deal last year from Red Robin that ended up being one of the easier wins I have had. I share my Year of Yummm reselling results.



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