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Amex Personal Platinum Retention Offer & An Interesting Data Point

I share PDX Deals Guy's recent Amex personal platinum retention offer plus I share an interesting data point when discussing the results.

My American Express Platinum Retention Call – Round 2

I discuss my American Express Platinum retention offer results for my Ameriprise Financial version of the Platinum card. Did I keep it or cancel it?

Citi Prestige is Going Away & Being Re-Introduced, so How Did...

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi Prestige Retention Call: Prestige is Going Away, so how Did that Affect My Retention call? Shawn recently covered some awesome Citi retention offers, here are my results

My Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Retention Phone Call...

Did I keep or cancel after hearing my Alaska Airlines credit card retention offer?

My American Express Platinum Delta Skymiles Retention Phone Call Results

The annual fee recently posted on my Delta Platinum Skymiles credit card so I called to see if there were any retention offers, I share my results.

My Strange Amex Platinum Retention Call. Was it a Success?

American Express Business Platinum Retention Call Results My American Express Business platinum card came due for it's annual fee this past month and I waited...

American Express Business Green Retention Offer

Amex Business Green Rewards Retention Phone Call Results

American Express Platinum Retention Offer – Did I Keep or Cancel...

Guide: American Express Program Rules Including Application Restrictions, Card Limits and Difference Between Credit and Charge Cards
My American Express Platinum retention offer - details and my decision inside.



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