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My Sweeeeet Retention Offers from Citi: Credits & Almost 50K Bonus...

Full list of my recent Citi retention offers all taken on the same call! Find out what offers I received on four of Citi's most popular travel rewards cards and learn tips/tricks to get these offers for yourself!

Full Guide to Citi Retention – Answers to all of your...

Citi Not Honoring Bonus
Learn how Citi's retention offers work, how to find offers across all of your Citi credit cards on the same call and how to make sure you get the best possible offer.

My Decision to Keep or Cancel Citi Prestige & Current Retention...

How I made the decision whether to keep or cancel my Citi Prestige card and a look at the current Citi retention offers for their premium rewards card.

Is Calling for Retention Offers Immoral? Are You Cheating the Banks?

A look at the morality of calling for retention offers and how company's are using data to look out for their own self-interest. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

Warning! What You Need to Know When Calling Citi for Retention...

Citi's automated system is shutting down accounts without ever transferring people to a representative. Find out what is happening and how to avoid a costly mistake which might require a new credit check if you want to re-open.

Citi AA & Chase Ink Credit Card Retention Experiences: Two Very...

Citi & Chase credit card retention call results and takeaways. What retention offers did we receive on Chase Ink and Citi AAdvantage cards?

Citi’s Little Unexpected Retention Gift & Cancelling a Card After...

After making a call to find out about offers, Citi gave me a nice little retention bonus even though I ultimately decided to cancel the card.

The Strangest Credit Card Retention Phone Call & Why I Downgraded...

Club Carlson credit card review.
My recent US Bank retention experience and how to perform a Club Carlson Visa Downgrade to the no annual fee version.

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