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How I Saved 51% OFF My Disney Cruise

How I saved over 50% off a Disney Cruise by combining discounts, bonuses and cashback offers.

Hacking Valentine’s Day? How I Saved Money & Why I Did...

How I saved money on Valentine's Day by taking advantage of circumstances and looking for opportunities.

Why This Hobby Is a Lifestyle & How It Helps Me...

A look at how I utilized some recent deals to save on every aspect of a recent trip from hotels, to gasoline and even food!

How I Got Directv to Cut My Television Bill in Half!

directv winback
I recently had decided to cancel my Directv service. Find out the Directv Retention Strategy and how I got them to cut my bill in half!

HOT! Up to 8% Cash Back With the New Amex Blue...

Amex Blue Whole Foods
By credit card expert Shawn Coomer. There is a new Amex Blue Whole Foods promotion offering an extra 2% cash back.

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