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A Depressing Weekend of Spending: Frustrations, Let Downs & Tightening

Details of my frustrating weekend of manufactured spend including the elimination of more gift card options and the continuing loss of Walmart kiosks.

How to Liquidate Staples Rebate Visas Into Cold Hard Cash! (Now...

A new method of Staples rebate Visa liquidation has emerged. The cards now have PIN numbers. Find out how to turn them into straight cash!

Why I Believe My 2+ Year Old Bluebird Survived Last Week’s...

Data points from a number of cardholders who had their Bluebird/Serve accounts shutdown and why I believe my heavily used Bluebird card was spared.

A Few Thoughts & Considerations Regarding Today’s Bluebird/Serve “Shutdown”

Amex Bluebird and Serve Account Shutdowns
A few random thoughts and considerations regarding today's Bluebird/Serve shutdown. What happens with Amex Offers, subaccounts and what if your card wasn't shut down?

BREAKING: American Express Shutting Down Bluebird & Serve Accounts for MS:...

Bluebird & Serve Shutdowns As they say, all good things must come to an end. Today, it seems that manufacturing spend with Bluebird and Serve...

Amex Announces Small Change to Bluebird & Serve

American Express has sent out an announcement describing a small change to their Bluebird & Serve prepaid products that is effective 1/6/16.

Hot! $300 Visa Gift Cards + 5X UR for $298.95! Act...

Staples is offering a $10 instant discount on $300 Visa gift cards sold online. With the discount the cards cost less than face value and still earn 5X Ultimate Rewards if you have a Chase Ink card.

A Big Amex Serve Softcard Change Coming & How to Avoid...

Changes Coming to Softcard Serve in 2016 Don't you just hate when someone talks about a good product that has gone away? I have a...



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