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Why You Should Get a BBVA Compass Amex Chipped Card &...

Why you might want to get a chipped BBVA Compass NBA Amex, how to do it and where to find the card's surprise bonus offers.

The Single Best Way to Rack up Spend & Millions of...

How to generate credit card spending, big rewards and more. The single best way to turn your spending machine into a points earning monster!

A Profitable Visa Gift Card Deal Which Seems Too Good to...

Get 5% back up front on the purchase of Visa gift cards and a possible 5% more back on the back end. Make a nice profit + credit card rewards with this very very good deal!

No More Money Orders with Gift Cards: Nation’s Largest Grocery Chain...

According to a leaked memo, the nation's largest grocery retailer will be changing their systems to ban the use of gift cards to purchase money orders.

Stacking Deals to Earn 3X+ to Pay Mortgage/Rent with Plastiq

A recent development may make it possible to stack a number of offers to earn 3X or more for paying your mortgage/rent via Plastiq with an American Express card. Is this better than other deals around?

Kroger 4X Fuel Points on Visa/MC Gift Cards: Deal Breakdown &...

Kroger is offering 4X fuel points on Visa and Mastercard gift cards? Does this deal make sense given the fees and will you save enough money to justify your time?

Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card for Free & Earn...

Pay your rent fee-free with a credit card and earn thousands of miles/points or cashback when doing it!

An Interesting Serve Closure Data Point & Bluebird/Serve Strategy Going Forward

An interesting Amex Serve shutdown data point and what strategy I think is best to take going forward.



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