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Finally! Points Advance Bookings Available at Most SPG Brands 

Now Book Award Nights at Most SPG Properties Using the Points Advance Bookings Feature

Rumor: Is it Possible Marriott Came Up With Something Worse than...

There's a new rumor that seems pretty likely regarding Marriott's New Loyalty Program Name and it's almost as bad as the program changes and execution of the merge.  

How to Combine your Marriott and SPG Accounts and Why I’m...

Breaking News: Amex and Chase Will Share Issuing Rights for Marriott
How to Combine Marriott and SPG Accounts and Should you Do it Now. Personally, I'm waiting until things settle a bit but there are some reasons to combine accounts now.

Get A Higher Bonus: New Amex SPG Luxury Targeted 125K Offer!

A new increased targeted offer is being sent for the SPG Luxury Amex. Find out the details and whether or not this card is right for you.

Marriott Screws Customers with Travel Package Mapping & Why They Should...

Marriott Travel Package Mapping Old to New
Marriott made some customer unfriendly decisions with their travel package mapping and seemingly tricked some members into booking packages that are worth less.

3 Best Options to Replace Your SPG Credit Card Spend

Today is the day we move on from our SPG credit cards and need a new everyday credit card. I take a look at the 3 best everyday credit card options out there.

SPG/Marriott Merger Dates & Announcements, Credit Card Dates Remain the Same

The SPG/Marriott merger dates have been set but remember these dates do not change the SPG credit card devaluation dates.

My Marriott/SPG Points Strategy & The One Thing You Need to...

Marriott Travel Package Mapping Old to New
Time is ticking on the old SPG program. Here is my strategy before the end and the one thing I made sure to do now before time runs out.