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Roundup of Gift Card Deals from Safeway, Stop&Shop, Rite Aid and...

Some new gift card deals came out recently, so we thought we would put hem together in this post. There's also some deals that have been out for a bit but are still available. Hopefully some of these deals will be of interest to you.

Stop&Shop/Giant: Save on Groceries with Gift Card Purchases

Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets have some new digital coupons that could save you money on groceries when purchasing third party gift cards.

Stop&Shop, $20 Discount with $100 Purchase of 3rd Party Gift Cards

Stop & Shop has an offer starting Friday that can get you $20 towards next purchase when you buy $100 in select third party gift cards.

Tons of $$$ Making Deals At Stop & Shop/Giant- Stacking Multiple...

Giant, Stop & Shop and Martin's supermarkets have some amazing deals going on that can save you money on gift card purchases and get you cheap gas.

Stop&Shop/Giant Supermarkets, Save $20 on Groceries with $100 Lowe’s GC Purchase...

Stop&Shop and Giant supermarkets have a some new digital coupons that can save you 20% on some gift card purchases. When stacked with credit card rewards this gets even better.

Ninja Tricks: Stack Fuel Promos on Best Buy & Other Gift...

Stop&Shop has a promotion that can earn you lots of fuel points when you purchase select gift cards. Shell's Fuel Rewards program also has a great offer that can save you money at the pump when you use a MasterCard. Stack the two together and you should get some free gas.

Free Fuel Points at Stop&Shop/Giant with New Visa/Mastercard Gift Card Deal

Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin's supermarkets have a new gift cards deal starting tomorrow that can get you great fuel savings.

Stop&Shop, $20 Off Next Order with $100 Gift Card Purchase plus...

Stop&Shop has a new gift cards deal that will save you as much as 20% on eligible third party gift cards. It could even be possible to stack with digital coupon.