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New Target REDcard (REDbird) Memo/Email – Move Along. Nothing to See...

American Express sent out a memo to cardholders describing what will and won't work to load REDcard. The memo created a lot of confusion, so I'll detail what it all means.

The Good News About REDcard & A Strategy Going Forward

Target REDcard debit loads are still working despite the fact that the giant retailer killed credit card loads. What does this mean & my strategy going forward.

Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About the End of REDcard Credit...

The end of REDbird credit card loads has been confirmed, but I still think you shouldn't freak out. Find out why I still have a little hope and how you will learn to cope.

Loading Target REDcard (REDbird) – My First Experience(s) & Suggestions

I recent picked up the Target Prepaid REDcard. Find out my experiences loading the card and some suggestions for what you should do before your first load.

Why I’m in No Rush to Get an American Express Target...

American Express Target REDcard.
An explanation of the many reasons why people should not be in a rush to get an American Express Target REDcard. Bluebird & Serve are better products.



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