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The Anti-Rant – SPG & Hyatt Customer Service Issues Solved

Customer Service Issues - Anti Rant
A follow up to a couple of posts about customer service issues that I experienced with SPG & Hyatt over the past month. and how they were resolved.

Where To Go To Make Sure You Are Maximizing Every Travel...

Find out which resource is the best to find out the latest travel promotions and bonuses available for airlines, hotels & car rentals.

Travel Hacking Public Transport

Save Money On Transport When Traveling I am definitely not a conventional traveler, but I see that as a good thing. One of the things...

A Cool Way To Visualize And Track Where You Have Visited

Find out what I use to visually track my travels in a fun way. It is a great way to remember where I have been and trigger some of my favorite travel memories!

Is The Flight You Want Unavailable With Miles? Try This!

Have you ever had to take a long layover because the flight you want isn't available with miles? There is a little trick that may help you get the flight that you want.

Too Many Credit Cards? A Few Suggestions For Organizing Them!

In this hobby it can be easy to get lost in a sea of credit, loyalty program & other various cards. Find out how I organize them & what works & doesn't work for me.

Anatomy Of A Road Trip – Our 2013 European Adventure Introduction

In this new series, I will breakdown the planning and logistics of our three month adventure through Central & Eastern Europe last year in several parts.

Quick Tip: A Tool For Making Sure A “Deal” Really Is...

Finding a great deal can be exciting. Find out one of the tools I use to quickly search for relevant information to make sure a deal really is as good as it looks.



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