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Hidden Travel Gems & The Clearest Water I Have Ever Seen

A word about the amazement of smaller unknown sites and how one place in New Zealand holds a place in my heart because of its unbelievably clear water.

U.S. Issues A WORLDWIDE Travel Alert! Is It Just Fear Mongering???

The U.S. Department of State has issues a worldwide travel alert. Do you think this is fear mongering and does the alert go a little too far?

Traveling with Pets – Airline Pet Policies, Pet Friendly Lodging &...

Traveling with Pets can be difficult & expensive. Here are a couple of resources for people looking to travel with their pets and for people need someone to watch their pets while away.

How to Avoid Germs, the Flu & Other Viruses on Airplanes!

Ebola. Taken from CDC website.
Find out where you will find the most germs on airplanes and what you can do to avoid the flu and other germs while flying.

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs for People Who Love to Travel!...

Highest Paying Job for People who love to travel.
A new study has surfaced revealing the highest paying jobs for people who love to travel. Find out which jobs/profession made the cut!

The TSA Opt-Out – My Experience & Why I Did It

TSA Opt-Out
My experience with the TSA Opt-Out and why I decided to do it. Find out the pros & cons & what happened to me while doing it at JFK.

Exclusive Photos: Come With Me Inside of One World Trade Center...

One World Trade Center Lobby
In late October of last year, I embarked on a nearly three week around the world journey. Starting with a few days in Washington...

Top 10 Travel Trends of the Future

Find out the top 10 travel trends of the future as named by Lonely Planet. Among them are evolving airports, greener travel & the need to disconnect.