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Tag: travel gear

Why I’m Ready to Dump my Camera for my Phone While...

How Google Photos and the improvements in cameraphones have allowed me to dump my standalone camera while traveling.

Great Deal – Get a Portable Pocket Travel Router for less...

Newegg is currently offering a highly rates portable pocket travel router for less than $15. Use it when a hotel doesn't have WiFi or to use their faster wired connection.

Great Deal – Asus Chromebook, 12 GoGo Internet Passes, 1TB Online...

Asus Chromebook
Amazon has a great deal on an Asus Chromebook. In addition to the laptop, you also get 12 free Gogo internet passes. It is a great deal!

One Thing I ALWAYS Take When Traveling Internationally

Favorite Power Adapter
Find out one of the key items that I always take when traveling internationally and why I recommend a very specific one!



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