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5 Tips On How To Plan Family Vacations With Kids

Planning travel with your family
Involve everyone and learn how to plan family vacations with kids. Avoid the pitfalls, wasted money, and wasting family vacation time!

My Prague Booking Dilemma – Share Your Opinions

I have a decision to make on my Prague Booking dilemma and would love some input from readers on what they think is the best option.

The 6 Most Valuable Marriott Travel Package Options – Get The...

With the launch of off-peak and peak award pricing, I thought I'd take a deep dive into Bonvoy to find the most valuable Marriott travel packages.

Kayak’s New Trip Planning Tool Will Make Life Easier for Groups

Trip Huddle: Kayak's New Group Travel Tool
Trip Huddle: Kayak's New Group Travel Tool Kayak has a new tool available for travel planning aimed to help out those who book travel for...

Why Last Minute Travel Can Suck & Why People Hate Miles

My love of waiting to book travel until the last minute has backfired. I now know why people can be frustrated when their miles can't get them to where they want to go.

Traveling “On The Fly”

Help us determine where we are going on an upcoming trip & find out why traveling "on the fly" is both freeing and practical!

The Flexibility Of Miles – Planning Our Family Trip

We are traveling to Japan in April. Find out how we are going to utilize miles to see Korea and perhaps stop in China and Taiwan as well!



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